Exploring Webflow, Bubble, and Xano Integration for Form Data and Admin Tools

The State Changers discussed various queries regarding the implementation of form codes with Xano on Webflow and whether these codes should be applied on a page-by-page basis or universally. They tackled the advantages and disadvantages of both methods and concluded that both could potentially work, depending on the nature of the forms.

The meeting further delved into the possibility and practicality of moving off Bubble towards other platforms such as WeWeb, given Bubble’s occasional processing glitches. The difficulty in migrating lies in Bubble's custom states, which the participant heavily relies on. However, they identified that WeWeb does offer an equivalent feature, albeit under different jargon. The discussion emphasized the concept of “state synchronization” between components, a feature prevalent in web app builders but not in website builders. Challengers were identified with Bubble and WeWeb in the form of coherent whole front-and-back end design versus front-end focused design respectively. Useful insights were shared about WeWeb's easy data fetching and close integration with Xano via open API. The quintessence of the discussion pointed out the rapid evolution in the workings of one platform compared to another. The meeting underscored the importance of a beginner's mindset when engaging tools that are ever-evolving, such as Wiz and Zano. The conclusion encouraged participants to remain adaptable and open to the fluctuations in these platforms. Lastly, the meeting recognized the potential of chat g p t within the given workflow. While specifics weren't detailed, the mention of this tool suggests its relevance in the broader discussion surrounding the choice of development platforms and their respective features.

(Source: Office Hours 12/7 )

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