Exploring Webflow Insights for Developing Custom Domains and Onboarding Users for Non-Profit Startup

The meeting was attended by the State Changers discussing about Webflow, subdomains, authentication, and the business model for their platform that links artists and non-profits.

Key points discussed: 1. Webflow subdomains: For a site to have a custom domain, it needs to be on a paid plan. This was highlighted during discussions on subdomains and their usage. 2. Using authentication for gating content: Suggestion was made to use authentication mechanism to gate content, instead of creating new sites. However, since the platform serves different audiences with varying needs and access modes (for example, mobile for customers and desktop for administrators), separate sites are preferred for simplicity. 3. Fundraising model: The platform plans to offer artists' work as premiums for donations to nonprofits. Plans were discussed to charge artists a minor fee to upload their pictures, both as a revenue source and as a method to verify the artist's credibility. However, concerns were raised about the potential disinclination of artists to pay upfront. There was also discussion on manually verifying the affiliation of people claiming to be part of nonprofits to avoid deception. However, the approach might be tailored based on the evolving needs of the business. 4. Involving artists and nonprofits: The key initial task is to onboard artists to build a gallery of images that nonprofits can use. The plan is to have the first 50 artists to sign up and upload images. The aim is to build an initial inventory, and the sign-up may even be free to incentivize artists. 5. Technology considerations: The team is planning to employ "infinite scroll" for easy access and navigation through their array of images, which will be stored on an external database (Xano) and not on Webflow CMS. The team also discussed and shared insights into the nonprofit world and its operations, highlighting how their platform aims to democratize the sector by offering more visibility to smaller, newer nonprofits.

(Source: Office Hours 9/27 )

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