Exploring Webflow Interactions and IX2 Using Dev Tools and Javascript

In this meeting, the State Changers engaged in a deep dive into a problem one of them encountered with Webflow's interactions (IX2). This problem was around triggering these interactions from code, which was not natively supported by Webflow. The conversation led them to investigate the window object in-depth, exploring intricate details of Webflow's workings and manipulating its functions to understand how interactions are loaded into memory.

They discussed various keywords like "Webflow", "window object", "actions", "JSON.stringify", "Object.keys", which were used contextually to retrieve and understand more about Webflow's systems. It involved technical discussions around ASCII, ordering, recursion, Node.js, and listing elements from objects, bringing together a combination of web development, browser manipulation, and Webflow's specific functioning. The process described involved manipulating the browser console, network filters, JSON stringifying, and extracting data from the Webflow system to understand how interactions are initialized and used. In this process, they leveraged enumeration of Ix2 and the "actions" functions, looking at data and structures provided by the Webflow server and manipulating them in the browser for further understanding. However, this session did not present a final solution to the original problem; rather, it opened avenues for further exploration and provided the individual with the tools and understanding to continue investigating on their own. It was suggested that the knowledge gained would be useful for undertaking more specific searches on forums or Google. The meeting may benefit those interested in understanding more about Webflow's native features, browser manipulation dealing with interactions, and low-level manipulation of web tools for custom solutions, particularly those who comfortable with technical discussions around web development.

(Source: Deep Dive - Browser Devtools 7/19/23 )

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