Exploring WeWeb Capabilities, Integrating Libraries, and Improving No-Code Practices

The meeting involved a detailed discussion on the integrative capabilities of "WeWeb" with different software libraries. The participants, referred to as the "State Changers," discussed how libraries like 'AnyChart', could be embedded in WeWeb using div tags. However, they pointed out that the User Interface for the embedded tools isn't inherent to WeWeb—developers need to build it themselves.

The conversation revealed WeWeb’s foundation upon the technology of 'Vue.js'. It can create view components, which can be controlled from the right-hand side panel within WeWeb. The panel, however, is not available on the free tier. Those who require the panel need to access a second, more expensive tier and build a "vue" component that aligns with the specific dialect of WeWeb. The State Changers also touched upon the broader world of no-code, mentioning successful companies like “Zapier”. They highlighted the importance of easy API connectivity and the potential value of a marketplace for plugins and components, like what “Bubble” offers. The conversation concluded with a shout-out to WeWeb's embed tool and potential opportunities that could be explored through it. They also mentioned the capability of “Flutterflow” to allow copying and pasting of things using protocol buffers. They expressed the need for more extensions that could work with "Web2" to facilitate this. The participants, however, highlighted that there was room for improvement in the way WeWeb integrates with other tools.

(Source: Office Hours 8/7/2023 )

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