Exploring WeWeb Development: Integrating Advanced Chat Functionality with GitHub

Meeting Summary:

The State Changers discussed specific issues related to integrating a chat function into their project using a web component. They worked closely on troubleshooting a problem around creating new folders and running command lines from different directories. The conversation highlighted possible confusions and issues that might arise from creating and nesting folders improperly. The meeting revealed important insights about the document directory and the significance of initializing the NPM (Node Package Manager) from here for WeWeb. It was noted that WeWeb might not know how to deal with monorepos, and thus, creating a chat element directly from the document directory might be a better approach. The participants also discussed how to navigate directories in the terminal and covered essential commands like 'cd' to shift directories and 'tab' for autocompletion. Additionally, they touched on running and serving components from specific directories. The conversation shifted towards experimenting with components. State Changers suggested running frequent experiments by creating components in separate directories, emphasizing not to worry about the correctness of naming components as they can be changed later. Another important topic was the adaptability of Github repositories. The State Changers advised the use of Github for version control despite its constraints. They also covered the potential challenges of incorporating version control without slowing down development. Towards the end of the meeting, State Changers talked about the utility of Vue JS and WeWeb and how they might provide cross-learning opportunities. They ended the meeting by agreeing to continue discussions on the forum over the weekend. Keywords mentioned: WeWeb, Github, NPM, VueJS.

(Source: Office Hours 9/8/2023 )

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