Exploring WeWeb Features and Functionality: Focus on Autocomplete and Google Maps Integration

The State Changers meeting primarily focused on troubleshooting and enhancing the implementation of Google Maps integration with a project on WeWeb. The participants of the meeting discussed an issue related to the autocomplete function on Google Maps which wasn't functioning properly. A peculiar problem addressed in the meeting was that a specific box on the map didn't exist until later in the process.

Moreover, certain functionalities were showcased such as the inclusion of a 'trigger workflow' and the creation of a 'Script Tag'. The team decided to clone a workspace for better collaboration and a flexible approach towards problem-solving. One challenge faced was the incorporation of new features in script tags, proving to be a bleeding edge. The participants also discussed the use of a tool known as Webflow, which a majority of the people at the meeting seem to use. David, one of the participants, mentioned that he was building out a Flutterflow for a specific project. Later on, the code used for Google Maps was adjusted to focus the search on a specific region, New Zealand. This involved changing the latitude, longitude, and country code. A significant part of the meeting was focused on experimenting with these details to achieve the desired results. The meeting concluded with discussions about sharing the project for further collaboration and the possibility to further enhance the code concerning its dynamics, which would likely be covered during a follow-up meeting. Keywords: WeWeb, Google Maps, Script Tag, clone workspace, Webflow, FlutterFlow, latitude, longitude, New Zealand.

(Source: Office Hours 5/17 PM )

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