Exploring WeWeb for App Development and Discussing Methods for Script Tag Embedding and Compliance Issues

The State Changers meeting discussed the use of the platform WeWeb in building applications. The participants described finding WeWeb useful for some projects but not for others, highlighting its applicability in developing a finance application. The conversation resulted in a tutorial on integrating JavaScript and custom code with WeWeb on a per page or project basis. The unique challenge with WeWeb is that custom code functions only upon publication - which is inconvenient since it is an app-building platform.

A key highlight was the discussion about adding function script tags, which enables real-time testing on the editor and preview sections. The capability to add JavaScript functions into WeWeb workflows provides users the flexibility to add third-party features, such as Google Maps. The meeting also introduced a resource, weweb-embed.statechange.ai, a tool that allows external code to be loaded into WeWeb actions. This feature supports both first-party user-generated code and third-party code. There was also a mention of Vue.js, another framework that WeWeb is built on, pointing out that custom Vue.js components can be created within WeWeb to boost the flexibility and functionality of applications. Keeping low-code principles in mind, the State Changers discussed the platform's ability to handle a large portion of basic application building operations, allowing the user to focus on highly specific technical requirements. Lastly, concerns were raised regarding potential compliance issues when dealing with investors and partners like financial institutions. This brief has touched upon WeWeb, JavaScript, ScriptTag, and Vue.js.

(Source: Office Hours 5/29 )

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