Exploring WeWeb Functionality for Updating Database Arrays and Record Selection

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss a challenge faced by a participant in creating an automatic scrolling feature for drop down menus in a web application that they are developing. The application utilizes a drop-down list populated from a database, with a requirement to auto-scroll to the next item each time the save button is clicked. Various collaborative troubleshooting discussions and suggestions were made, involving concepts from WeWeb and Xano and manipulating arrays and databases.

Key highlights discussed: 1. The possibility of toggling the index of the array in question to change the context was explored. 2. The meeting participants also delved into the possibility of setting up a hidden variable with the index information. 3. The option of implementing a JavaScript formula for index lookup was also discussed. 4. The interaction trigger events were identified, and strategies were discussed that handle these events in a way that updated the array context. 5. Towards the end, the participants discussed implementing a database request that updates with each 'save' event and fetches the next item. Overall, the meeting was a brainstorming and problem-solving session focused on a specific technical challenge in using WeWeb and Xano in web application development. Notable mentions include discussions about front-end development, arrays, database queries, event triggers, and JavaScript formulas.

(Source: Office Hours 12/19 )

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