Exploring Xano Alternatives for API Creation and Code Integration Strategies

The meeting between the State Changers began with a commendation for Daniel's improvement in his proficiency with Flutterflow.

An extended discussion about Xano followed. Kamir expressed frustration with the User Interface (UI) and his difficulty in tracking variable manipulation, which he attributes to his errors when using the software. Despite this, he also acknowledged the value it's brought him so far, particularly with respect to building Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and managing databases in an all-in-one solution. He was keen to know how difficult it would be to create APIs outside of Xano, and potential alternative tools. Ray suggested multiple tools Kamir could consider such as SuperBase, NoCo DB, Pipe Dream, Back Endless, and Fast gen. He also suggested the possibility of building serverless functions. Ray also introduced Kamir to the concept of using Xano less as the bricks but more as mortar in combination with other tools. Ray further advised Kamir to spend time experimenting with these new tools and assessing which ones he found most productive. This breadth-first search approach is a vital concept in computer science that maximizes efficiency. For someone at Kamir's sophistication level, it was also suggested he explore Python, particularly in a Jupyter Notebook setting for data interrogation. There was also a mention of potential cost-saving in terms of deciding the appropriate Xano subscription tier, based on the amount of logic being processed through Xano. Beyond a certain scale, it may be more cost-effective to transfer some of the load to other tools, thereby allowing a downgrade to a less expensive subscription level.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 9/28/2023 AM )

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