Exploring Xano and Firebase for Development of a Nonprofit Assessment App: Cost and Ease of Use Considerations

The State Changers meeting involved a discussion surrounding the use of backend databases Firebase and Xano for building an assessment feature with fifty questions. There was also mention of using Flutterflow. The main considerations between these databases were cost and simplicity. Firebase was seen as potentially lower cost, especially for a nonprofit client, but it introduced complexity due to its NoSQL structure. Xano, on the other hand, was seen as potentially more expensive, but simpler to use.

A strategy to manage the cost with Xano involved using multiple workspaces since they are charged per instance basis, instead of a per workspace basis. A suggestion was made that the nonprofit could be charged a small fee to use one of these workspaces. The meeting also covered questions around the storage and distribution of content. With 10GB of storage, Xano was deemed capable of comfortably hosting app-centric content such as text and meditation video/audio files, but may face limitations with user-generated content. The conclusion was to switch back to Xano, and focus on methods of reducing the cost. Regular session participants were encouraged to post on the forum to get help and make progress async. Future sessions on Thursday, Friday and the following week were affirmed.

(Source: Office Hours 2/22 )

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