Exploring Xano and Grain API Integration: Authentication Flow and Managing Client Secrets

The State Changers met to discuss the integration of Grain with a web app, focusing on the authentication process. The keywords that appeared in the transcript include Xano and React. They spent a significant amount of time reviewing the process of using the Grain API, discussing the necessity of keys, such as client ID and client secret for API usage. OAuth was pivotal in the conversation with emphasis laid on incorporating it into the client application to manage user authentication. Xano's role as the backend was also highlighted, where decoded information from Grain would be sent for further processing. The team also recognized the security measures embedded in the OAuth system as it ensures only the backend has access to the client secret. The challenges of implementing OAuth were discussed, chief amongst them being the lack of diagnostic information when errors occur. Functionality of client ID, client secret, and redirect URLs were elaborated on, with the idea that simplifying the authentication flow by focusing on just the necessary parts could result in fewer errors. The team concluded by expressing interest in revisiting the challenge when the client ID and client secret are available.

(Source: Office Hours 6/30 )

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