Exploring Xano and Posthog Integration for Dynamic Landing Page Creation

The meeting between State Changers focused on creating a dynamic landing page that can adjust content based on visitor interaction. The platform of choice for this purpose is "Xano", used for creating tables for multi-view content. "Zapier" was also discussed for triggering workflows and passing certain IDs for visitor tracking.

A key challenge identified was dealing with users that switch between desktop and mobile devices. This session was intent on finding an effective solution for tracking users across different platforms without losing continuity. The State Changers also delved into "WeWeb" tools and "Posthog" for website analytics. Moreover, the integration of "Posthog" JavaScript SDKs was explored for capturing events and identifying users. The usage of other specialized tools to enhance telemetry, rather than relying solely on Xano, was recommended, with discussions going back and forth between API usage or native integrations. JavaScript prototyping was emphasized as a potential solution to the tracking challenge. The meeting concluded with the resolution to investigate JavaScript libraries further, and it was suggested that progress on telemetry would be mutually beneficial for all State Changers.

(Source: Office Hours 8/25/2023 )

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