Exploring Xano Backend and FlutterFlow Frontend Integration in App Development

In the State Changers meeting, the discussion mainly revolved around the interplay between Xano back end and FlutterFlow front end, specifically on how the number of APIs and tables can affect application functionality. One of the State Changers has utilized around 48 or 49 APIs and around 15 tables in his app development, noting that the requirement for APIs could potentially be lower depending on the app's function.

A significant elaboration was on handling and creating endpoints. The discussion converged on the creation of dynamic API endpoints that are more application-centric rather than those automatically generated from a database-centric view in Xano. One participant shared hands-on experience employing the 'Filter and Sorting' functionality in Xano within a single API request to generate varying results based on user inputs. Further, it was shown that conditional "if" statements could be utilized effectively within the function stack to enable more flexible and dynamic API endpoint interaction. The idea of leveraging Xano's built-in Redis functionality for improved speed was introduced. The group emphasized the value of logic and translation in Xano, asserting that having fewer endpoints with more specialized logic tends to be more beneficial in the long run. The meeting concluded with a commitment to continue sharing insights and learning from each other in future sessions. A New Year wish was also forwarded by the team.

(Source: Office Hours Extra - Flutterflow 12/30 )

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