Exploring Xano: Optimizing Database Endpoint Logic and Function Stacks

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss the best ways to handle data logic within Xano. They consider whether to build this logic directly into the endpoints or to utilize an extra database column to store the required information. Their recommendation is to place calculations into endpoints and to keep truth facts within the database. This setup provides flexibility and simplifies the thought process behind the system.

They also delve into the potential performance challenges associated with this approach. Retrieving heavily calculated data might require querying several databases, leading to slowdowns. To address this, they suggest selectively introducing caching. However, they warn that over-reliance on caching could hide logic and lead to out-of-sync data issues. Therefore, constant monitoring of system performance and strategic application of caching is advised. Additionally, they discuss a new Xano feature that allows users to select multiple lines in their function stack and convert them into a new function. This provides added flexibility and does not require advanced planning. The meeting offers insightful discussions about maintaining system flexibility and performance when working with Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 8/31/2023 AM )

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