Exploring Xano's Metadata API and Discussing Potential Development Improvements

The meeting of the State Changers primarily focused on the usage of Xano's metadata API and the creation of tables from Excel formats. The participants looked into the better ways of uploading such data efficiently. The possibility of generating Xano endpoints or functions to upload Excel tables and align them with API calls was explored. The conversation brought out the insights about the nuances of using Xano snippets, noting their potential side effects and their implications on security. It was also noted that snippets are still in their early stages of development and there is room for improvement. The discussion shifted towards Xano's plans for rolling out functions in folders, where it was mentioned that they had been planning this feature, though its release date was uncertain. Other topics briefly discussed involved the hosting times for future meetings and sharing snippets among users. However, no specific solutions or plans were mentioned regarding these topics.

(Source: Office Hours 6/29 )

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