Exploring Zano and Webflow Integration: Data Shaping and Problem-Solving Techniques

Meeting Summary:

The focus of the State Changers meeting was manipulating and shaping data in the 'no-code' context using Xano and Webflow primarily. The participants debugged their interaction and shared best practices. The State Changers started the meeting by discussing data normalization across platforms like Webflow and Xano. One participant discussed the process of creating variables in Xano, matching names and inputs across databases in Xano and Webflow. They then moved onto webhooks, specifically dealing with POST requests from a Webflow form submission. They worked through a function stack to process form submissions and retrieve necessary data, creating and updating Object variables within Xano to match parameters within the incoming webhook data. Challenges emerged when discrepancies between the names used in Xano and the API's field names were discovered. The solution proposed involved dissecting the API's response to successful requests and adjusting the Xano function stack to align with the discovered field names. Another strategy proposed for resolving this problem was creating a record manually in Webflow CMS and requesting this data from Xano, which can help in identifying the exact names of fields required by the API. A suggested tool for monitoring and troubleshooting these requests was webhook.site to examine and modify outbound data from Xano. The attendees also discussed handling required fields, the different meanings of labels in the user interface, and names in machine-to-machine interactions & the challenges of debugging in 'no-code' environments where hidden automation and abstraction layers can obscure errors. In conclusion, the focus of this meeting was to address issues in integrating Xano and Webflow and devising strategies to ensure smooth interaction between the platforms. Other tools mentioned (though not discussed in-depth) included: AppGyver, AppSheet, Retool, Firebase, and Adalo.

(Source: Office Hours 8/15 )

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