Feature Flags and Their Integration with WeWeb and Posthog

The meeting primarily covered how to manage feature flags in the context of an app using tools like WeWeb and Posthog. When working with feature flags, the State Changers discussed synchronization, timing, and the importance of making sure the connections are aligned. The meeting included hands-on demonstrations of creating and interacting with feature flags, using Javascript and the various tools like console.log for feedback. The implementation also showed how to apply feature flags in a WeWebb variable and demonstrated how changes in the feature flag could be handled on the backend without needing to republish the application. Finally, variables could be created and customized in the app based on the naming scheme set in Posthog. Key advice included keeping code manageable, and relying on a singular source of truth to avoid conflicts with potential new variables. Software tools mentioned during this meeting include: WeWeb, Posthog, JavaScript, and Vue.js. The primary focus of the discussion was related to feature management and code optimization in app development.

(Source: Office Hours 8/28/2023 )

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