Finding Your First Customers for a Financial Analysis and Projection Tool

In this meeting, the main points discussed were:

1. The speaker is working on a project that generates financial statements, including income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, and equity statements using a JSON structure. 2. The problem the speaker is facing is related to the interchangeability of the balance sheet and cash flows sections, specifically in investing activities. 3. The speaker is trying to figure out how to generate a JSON structure that allows for more flexibility in creating line items for investing activities, so users can input their own formulas for changes. 4. Another topic discussed is the importance of understanding the specific use cases of the target market in order to prioritize features and move towards monetization faster. 5. The speaker mentioned the concept of finding early adopters and focusing on their pain points to make necessary improvements to the product. 6. The discussion also touched on data preservation and the challenges of refactoring. The speaker expressed concerns about the difficulties of preserving data while making changes to the system structure. 7. The key takeaway is that the focus should be on identifying and understanding the specific needs of early adopters and building features that address their pain points. It is important to prioritize their use cases and be open to iteration and changes in the product to meet their needs. The goal is to quickly get in front of potential customers, get feedback, and improve the product.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 10/24/2023 )

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