Fine-tuning Application Architecture and Deciding Best Authenticating Tools

The State Changers had a in-depth discussion on various tools for app development and subscription management as well as troubleshooting for different APIs. They touched on architectural choices while building tables and arrays. Key points mentioned included:

- Using "Lambda functions" as one of the potential solutions to reduce the number of API calls. Notably, they worked on consolidating the process into a single API call with an array of inputs rather than individual API calls, hence improving the performance. - Explored use of the debugging feature in Xano. - The meeting also featured creating arrays of objects and adding them to the parameters that are sent to an endpoint in a single API call. - On design tools, the participant initially chose WeWeb and Xano for front-end and back-end respectively but considered Webflow because of its plethora of templates and documentation. The “one two" rule was advised when considering making changes to current tools. The rule involves spending an hour with a new tool, then another if the tool works well in the first hour. - The last part of the discussion touched on user management and identity management as separate entities from subscription management. The strategy for recognizing a returning customer, resetting passwords, and directing users to the correct page was discussed. They considered using Outsetta for this function. They also touched on using Xano as an Authentication tool. This would allow the identification of the user access rights and issue an access token accordingly. - The call concluded with a short feedback session. Overall, the main tools and topics mentioned were Xano, WeWeb, Webflow, Outsetta, WeWeb, Lambda, and API.

(Source: Office Hours 8/14/23 )

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