Fine-tuning Xano Test Environment and Migrating Background Tasks for Optimal Functionality

This meeting between the State Changers centered on the implementation and management of background tasks in Xano, the use of production and test environments, as well as best practices for branching. The participant expressed concern about how to ensure that background tasks run only in their specified environments, either test or live.

The solution offered involved creating a "meta" data table, where a field would identify the database type: test or production. This helps to make sure that tasks run only in their respective environments. The possibility of background tasks only running in the live environment was discussed, and the solution to this involved routing these tasks through API endpoints and using the header to specify that they should run in test mode instead. There was also an elaboration on the topic of branching, essentially separating different versions of a project into their own branches to keep track of changes made in each. The advice was to avoid using branching until working with someone experienced with the process. One-on-one instructions were given on how to call a specific version of an API by passing a header. The meeting ended with plans for the participant to restructure background tasks and experiment with the advice given, specifically in dealing with API endpoints and headers. The overarching theme was to improve efficiency through leveraging Xano's strengths and navigating its limitations effectively. The participant was also commended for having gained impressive proficiency in Xano's operations to create an admin tool. The process of carrying out a product review on whether to stick with Retool or Xano was mentioned, emphasizing the need for continual improvements to maintain a competitive advantage.

(Source: Office Hours 12/13 )

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