Guidance on Development Speed, Finding Talent, Security & Compliance


In this meeting, the State Changer discusses their current situation and challenges in building their tech startup. They are juggling their day job and the development work for their small business solution. They express frustration at not being able to develop as fast as they would like and seek advice on finding people to join their development team. The State Changer receives guidance on focusing on the most important aspects of their product and finding the sharp end of the wedge that customers are ready to pay for. They are advised to prioritize building a small, sharp part of their product that can generate income and market reputation, which will make it easier to raise funds and expand further. The discussion then shifts to security and compliance. The State Changer learns about the importance of securing the backend of their application and the need to lock down endpoints. They are advised to implement access tokens with a relatively short lifespan and to check user access to resources to prevent insecure direct object references. On the compliance side, they are informed about the cost and benefits of obtaining certifications like SOC 2 and advised to consider the potential market and willingness to pay when deciding on compliance requirements. They are also encouraged to pursue penetration tests to assess and improve their security measures. Overall, the State Changer receives valuable insights and actionable advice on prioritizing development, securing their application, and navigating compliance requirements.

(Source: Office Hours 10/25/2023 )

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