Guidance on Removing and Updating User Values in Xano and Bubble Integration

The State Changers convened in a meeting primarily discussing issues encountered with the platform "Xano". The main concern raised was about how to clear an assigned value (act as user ID, act as company ID). Participants were not able to discover how to set these assigned values back to null (empty) after fulfilling their use.

The rest of the discussion was troubleshooting this issue, with participants walking through different sections of the user record and examining how the values are set. The unique context here is that the application in focus is entertainment based, allowing users to act on behalf of other users or companies for certain actions. There was mention of potentially using Xano's feature for setting a default value in the inputs to null to achieve their goal. However, a lack of certainty about whether "Bubble" (another platform) would treat zeroes as empty or not created a bit of a bottleneck, as the system forcibly ties these values to integers and cannot allow them to be null. The final advice given was to run a test in Bubble to see if the software interprets zero as 'empty', offering a workaround for the currently experienced limitation in Xano. The meeting ended with a desire for further follow-ups to discuss the outcomes of the proposed solution during future sessions. No other keywords were explicitly mentioned in this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 9/30 )

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