Handling Edge Cases and Manual Overrides in Automated Systems

This meeting focused on issues related to a database and automation. The participant mentioned three tables of interest: submission, submission components, and transaction. They mentioned that error handling and cancellation work had been done recently, and the automation of tasks was important. They explained the background tasks that activate, update, and resolve scores, and handle the math involved in awarding winnings and fees. They also mentioned the need for a manual override in cases where feeds are wrong and the logic on how to implement it. They discussed using a boolean field to indicate manual overrides in the submission components or submissions area, and how to incorporate JSON data into the query and filtering process. The importance of handling edge cases and implementing manual overrides was emphasized, with an analogy of a machine going off the rails and the need for an emergency stop button. The participant expressed gratitude for the encouragement to invest further in handling these edge cases, as they can contribute to building a positive reputation and customer relationships.

(Source: Office Hours 5/4 )

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