Handling SendGrid Questions, Fine-tuning Record Functions and Problem Troubleshooting in Xano

The meeting between the State Changers primarily focused on technical problem-solving concerning data handling and processing using the Xano platform. Among the issues addressed were:

1. How to create and send JSON data from a record being created: The State Changers concluded that data could be input with the 'set' operation, converting the record data into a JSON object to be used in a function. 2. Querying and managing player trades in a database: The team discussed how to update team ID arrays for traded players. They concluded that the IDs couldn't be simply appended, but they had to be first retrieved, manipulated, and then updated back into the database. 3. Running a query to identify common problems faced by users: One of the main topics was extracting the most common issues from a trades table, connecting those issues to users, and updating the user record with the most frequent problem. The solution involved performing an aggregate grouping operation, coupled with filtering and condition checking. The meeting revealed the intricacies of data manipulation on the Xano platform and demonstrated efficient ways to extract meaningful insights from the data.

(Source: Office Hours 12/8 )

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