How to Handle User Deletion in a Team Environment - UX Discussion

In this meeting, the participant raised a question about the best UX approach for handling a situation where a team owner deletes a user and all the reports associated with that user are also deleted. The suggestion was to mark inactive users instead of deleting them and retain their data.

The discussion also touched on the differentiation between reports created by team members and reports created by individual users. It was suggested that everything should be tied to the team, with the option for a personal team that only has one user. The complexity of implementing team-based features was highlighted, as some SaaS products charge extra for team support due to the added complexity involved. The decision on whether to prioritize team features should be based on customer value. The meeting concluded with acknowledgment that implementing a general share read-only link may not be sufficient for the desired feature and that further consideration and insight would be necessary. Overall, the meeting focused on the UX implications of adding team features and provided insights and suggestions for handling data ownership and user roles effectively.

(Source: Office Hours 4/6 )

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