Identifying and Addressing Performance Issues for Mobile Usability in Chrometown

The meeting involved State Changers discussing performance issues of a webpage, with a focus on mobile user experience. The discussion revolved around factors influencing the webpage's loading speed, such as the weight of network transactions being made, as no specific platforms like Xano, WeWeb, Bubble, etc., were mentioned.

Key points to note included: 1. Recognized the importance of network transactions affecting the performance, particularly on mobile devices due to their unreliable networks. 2. Introduced a simulation tool within the network tab of Chrome DevTools for testing network throttling under different conditions. 3. Emphasized the benefit of analyzing how the website's waterfall, the timing sequence of loading network resources, could impact web and mobile experience. 4. Considered suggestions of separating the marketing site from the application to optimize user experience and performance. 5. Provoked the idea of using image compression and to move to more optimized tools to increase performance. However, it was noted that this solution could only offer a limited boost. A step towards solutions like Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology for a more mobile-first, cache-optimized approach was suggested. 6. Proposed to gather real-user feedback via State Change to improve the experience based on actual loading speeds on users' devices. The meeting should be beneficial to those looking to improve the performance of their webpage, especially from a mobile user perspective. They would also benefit from the discussion on using Chrome DevTools to analyze potential performance issues.

(Source: Office Hours 2/7 )

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