Implementing and Testing Automated Password Reset Tokens in API Development

This meeting among the State Changers focused on how to set up a password reset token system using Xano's API. The process incorporated the following key steps:

1. Set up a time-limited token at the API level: This is done by adding a new time-stamp field at the database level to keep track of when the token was created. The time for which the token is valid differs for each user, usually set to expire after a certain period (e.g., 10 minutes) from its creation time. 2. Update the user record to add the token: This is done by editing the user's record in the database when the password reset request is made. The token creation time is set to the current time. 3. Set preconditions for token redemption: This process ensures that the token cannot be used if it is empty or if it was created more than 10 minutes ago. This involves using the 'get record' function in Xano to recover the time stamp and perform calculations on it. 4. Set up token expiration: Once the token has been used successfully to reset the password, the 'token created' field is reset to avoid re-use. To conclude, the meeting was focused on securing user data through the implementation of specific features and safeguards in the password reset process, making the process more secure by preventing the re-use of tokens. This process was carried out using Xano, showcasing its functional flexibility in handling user data, timestamps, and API requests.

(Source: Office Hours 2/2 )

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