Implementing Auth0 for Social Login Integration with Xano and WeWeb

During this meeting, the State Changers discussed methods to implement user authentication through social media accounts like Instagram, TikTok, and Google in apps. The conversation jumped between several platforms such as "Xano", "WeWeb", and "Auth0" which deals with the authentication process.

The State Changers aimed to incorporate separate buttons for logging in via social networks rather than having a single general login button. Besides, they talked about redirecting users to an Auth0 login page upon clicking these buttons. The meeting centered heavily around using Xano and Auth0 for this task, including how to implement Auth0 to its simplest and then incorporating particular details. The discussion involved configuring applications in Auth0, creating a workflow in WeWeb, and producing a URL for logging in to the application. Moreover, the importance of connecting Auth0 with WeWeb front-end was also stressed. They also dealt with issues like redirect URLs, handling of state variables, configuring the buttons in WeWeb to redirect users to the created URL, and correctly setting up token redemption via Xano. Towards the end of the meeting, potential issues with the settings in Xano were identified, and solutions proposed as the conversation veered towards testing the steps implemented thus far. The final advice was for continuing work on configuring Auth0 with social authentication providers for various login buttons.

(Source: Office Hours 8/21/23 )

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