Implementing Backend and Frontend Data Validation in Xano and WeWeb

The State Changers meeting was primarily about effective form validation in the process of app development. The participants discussed the need for validation on both user-facing frontend and the system's backend, emphasizing the essential role of backend validation in system security as it guarantees data validation.

The meeting prominently featured the use of Xano and WeWeb. Specifically, a participant described a multi-step form that created just one post for sign-up using WeWeb and Xano. Other attendees discussed how to ensure efficient validation to deliver a good user experience and prevent problematic inputs from being submitted. One proposed solution mentioned was using the 'precondition' utility function available in Xano, which allows the setup of specific conditions that must be satisfied before the system processes a data set. If these conditions aren't met, it interrupts the function stack and returns an error, preventing any flawed data from corrupting the system. The precondition function can be used to create a final check preventing inconsistent information from being stored in the database, thereby securing the system. Additionally, there was a discussion on the best approach to import an Excel spreadsheet published regularly on a website into a table in Xano. Another participant sought ways to modify how Xano is outputting some data and manipulating its structure. It was suggested that solutions for these questions could be tackled in future sessions or via Loom videos and forum posts.

(Source: Office Hours 3/2 )

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