Implementing Crypto Functions and User Tracking in Xano and Intercom Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers worked on issues related to hashing keys, intercom setup for user interaction, and getting user information from XANO. They dived deep into the issue of using the Intercom secret key for hash key generation with the cryptographic function in XANO. After trying out some changes in the code, using the HMAC with an environmental variable, and setting RAVI as false for a hexadecimal result, the hash key calculation passed the testing.

Next, they discussed how to use the generated hash key and user ID in an Intercom script. They aim to use the approach similar to the one used with Typeform and WISTS, where the script can be added to the workflow project, and the container where the script resides is given an ID recognizable by WISTS. The team also considered two potential issues with executing the script on Intercom - setting window variables when user ID and hash aren't known on page startup, and updating user data during runtime. In order to address these problems and get more information about the users, the State Changers discussed either writing a JavaScript snippet or using WIS. With this approach, two phases for the services were identified: the startup phase where initial user information is known, and a dynamic phase where updates are done with provided runtime functions. For these updates to occur, information from XANO needs to be delivered to the front end. They agreed to continue working on getting the user information from XANO to the front end, before trying to get Intercom to recognise this information.

(Source: Office Hours 1/10 )

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