Implementing Filtering and Tag-based Logic in Webflow

In this meeting, the team discusses how to filter items based on tags on the front end and back end. They discuss the structure of the inputs, outputs, and logic needed for the filtering process. They also discuss how to handle dynamic tags and different filtering options. The team suggests using state variables and Zeno's request history feature to track user selections and send the appropriate data to the back end. They also discuss different approaches to handling the filtering, such as sending inputs to Zeno and receiving the filtered list, or using Wix to handle the filtering and display the response. Cameron shares his approach to handling filtering in Wix using arrays and unique IDs. The team also discusses the use of JSON and the importance of setting up the back end to receive and process the filter inputs. They suggest using Zeno's polling feature to dynamically populate the filter options. Overall, the team provides guidance on how to set up the filtering system and advises the individual to bring any further questions to future office hours.

(Source: Office Hours 5/23 )

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