Implementing Image Upload Functionality and Metatdata Storage with Zano and JavaScript

This meeting between the State Changers revolved around resolving complex technical issues related to enabling functionalities for users to upload images on an editor. They discussed functionalities from a JavaScript perspective to create an image uploader and create a post endpoint in Zano to receive the image. However, they faced difficulties in identifying what exactly the system was sending them. It was pointed out that Xano was showing information about the file instead of the actual bits and pieces.

The team discussed steps to overcome this problem by walking through the process of creating an image resource, saving it on the Xano instance, and properly outputting the data. They highlighted the prospect of storing data on other platforms like S3 and explained the process to do so. The conversation included segments on creating and using UUIDs (Uniquely Identifiers), and coupling them with image URLs for proper data structuring and future retrieval. Towards the end of the meeting, React was brought up as a valuable tool, which brought the potential use of OpenAI. The speaker expressed delight about the power of React and its diverse uses. The participants also brainstormed on possible corner cases that might arise when dealing with rich uploads and how to handle them. Overall, this meeting demonstrated a steep learning curve for the participants and the progress they made over the months in dealing with complex, coding-related problems. The meeting would be interesting to those who are looking for insights about image uploading functionality, the use of JavaScript, and using platforms like Zano, S3, and React in building complex functions.

(Source: Office Hours 11/1/2023 )

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