Implementing JavaScript in WeWeb: Function Creation, Script Tags, Workflow, and Debugging

The State Changers meeting revolved around troubleshooting and enhancing understanding of web development process on WeWeb platform. Broadly, the discourse discussed loading an external code on WeWeb using script tags and using JavaScript in WeWeb using the provided script tags. Notably, technical aspects including using functions and addressing timing issues were elucidated.

Additionally, tools such as 'web embed dot state change dot AI' and 'ScriptTag' were explored for their functionalities. The former was discussed concerning causing web jobs extractions from script tags provided to convert them to Web actions. The latter's functionality to enable custom JavaScript was revealed, with caveats concerning the way WeWeb operates and how it can be utilized for faster iterations by staying within the editor. Additionally, there was comprehensive discussion regarding issues related to page loads, event handling through button clicks, understanding when to use JavaScript functions, and addressing any chart and Mecco chart issues. A combination of coding and no-code strategies was suggested for efficient workflow management and error resolution. Participants also made an important distinction between using JavaScript globally and injecting it into the web page and how it influences functionality firing on an event. JavaScript's interplay with HTML and CSS was another topic of discussion alongside the introduction to global context as 'window' in webpage development. Finally, there was also advice offered on using external JavaScript in WeWeb, reducing the need to republish a site with every code change by using the script tag. This is an efficient way to enhance iterations within the WeWeb platform.

(Source: Office Hours 6/9 )

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