Implementing Local Storage and Session Management in Wiz for Enhanced User Experience

The State Changers discussed the challenges of implementing quiz functionalities in Wiz. The central issue outlined was how to pass data from one webpage to another before user authentication, especially for the process of making payments. The options of using Redis and local storage were explored.

State Changers groomed the idea of using local storage as an alternative to Redis, as they considered it potentially simpler. They detailed how to use local storage to set and get item values and how to convert these into strings for storage using JSON.stringify. A key understanding was that everything in local storage is a string so they need to change items back into their original forms when extracting them, using JSON.parse. They also touched on the intricacies of managing user sessions and outlined a hybrid approach to create a session in local storage and continue to reference it for backend processes in Zano. The meeting provided significant insights into handling sessions, local storage and deploying such functionalities in Wiz for user logins, transactions, and managing user experiences.

(Source: Office Hours 2/9 )

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