Implementing Magic Link Functionality with Xano and SendGrid

In this meeting, David discusses his challenges with implementing a magic link feature in his app. He mentions that he can send emails using SendGrid, but is struggling with the logic on the front end. He has watched a video tutorial by Michael, but it is outdated and does not provide the information he needs. David explains that he has tried duplicating his login page and adding logic to it, but is unsure about the flow and how to handle tokens. Ray suggests storing a token and its expiration time in the database, and using a simple URL structure for the magic link. He advises David to avoid relying on marketplace snippets and instead implement the feature himself to have more control and flexibility. They discuss the steps involved in the magic link flow, including sending the email, storing the token, creating the URL, and handling the confirmation on the front end. Ray encourages David to experiment and troubleshoot on his own, and they plan to discuss any issues or progress in future office hours. The meeting ends with a humorous note about David's previous casket business.

(Source: Office Hours 3/9 )

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