Implementing Stripe into the Platform and Debugging Processes with Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss implementing Stripe into their platform, with a specific focus on creating a price for a new class product. Implementing Stripe involves handling a detailed API and lots of data, requiring a stepwise debugging approach.

A recurring issue mentioned is the extraction of a product ID from an array in order to pass it on to create a price. Rick, one of the State Changers, guides Sylvan through the process using a tool called Xano. They create an API request to Stripe to initiate a new product, receive an array, extract the product ID, then use the ID to generate a price. Xano is showcased as a powerful tool to handle these processes. Its stop and debug feature, data manipulation utility, and subpath function were extensively used for handling the Stripe API's data. Beyond Stripe's implementation, there is also a discussion on the need for learning resources about the features of Xano. Rick suggests that older recordings of their office hours sessions are a good place to find such advanced tips and tricks. An initiative to organize these resources is also alluded to. This meeting is particularly beneficial for those interested in using Xano to handle API data or those facing issues with implementing Stripe on their platforms.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 4/20 )

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