Improving Booking Date Filter Functions for Enhanced Performance

The State Changers held a meeting to discuss issues related to their booking system. They dealt with technical problems about querying booking records for a span of 21 to 22 days in the future, which was meant to perform every 24 hours. The goal was to send notifications based on these bookings.

The main challenge was specifying the availability start date. As mentioned, the availability start date was a string from the database, and there was initial confusion over whether to convert it to a timestamp for querying or to directly use the string. They concluded that by treating dates as strings in a specific format (year-month-date) and using timestamp formatters provided by Xano's features, they can efficiently filter bookings. They also suggested an adjustment to the 'find all elements' part of the function to ensure exactitude when pulling records, which will enhance system performance. Moreover, the meeting highlighted potential improvements for system performance; instead of using addons which can be slow, they suggested using a join and applying the filter from there which could result in faster performance, especially when dealing with pagination. Items like 'Javascript', 'Typescript', 'Firebase', 'Google', 'OAuth', and others, from the wider list, were not directly mentioned in the discussion. The meeting concluded on a positive note with gratitude expressed for the support provided during the project.

(Source: Office Hours 12/16 )

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