Improving CSS and JavaScript Management in Webflow Using GitHub

This meeting involves a comprehensive problem resolution session focusing primarily on CSS adjustments, making changes to HTML and exploring options for managing JavaScript files externally.

Specific points discussed include: 1. The issue of controlling the CSS of slide elements in Webflow, and the limitations they face, such as the inability to modify certain aspects, including positioning. There's a detailed walkthrough given on how to alter CSS classes in Webflow, examining code execution and priority, and navigating around problematic situations. 2. The requirement to rewrite HTML code to create more manageable components in Webflow, mentioning concepts of semantic components in HTML, and the use of JavaScript to populate these components with data from Xano. They discuss about eliminating non-essential elements, focusing on simplifying HTML code to ease work-flow. 3. The problematic concern of managing two separate files (JavaScript and HTML) in different places, which makes the process highly confusing. The participants suggest a solution using GitHub, where the JavaScript file can be stored and loaded dynamically when needed. They further explain the concept of minified JavaScript, source control, and accessing files stored in GitHub via raw links. 4. There's a brief touch on 'QR lander', a project aimed at promoting a site to artists via a QR code, which when scanned, navigates to a specific webpage loaded with information. Keywords used: Webflow, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Xano. The discussion mentions quite a few technical components of web development, pointing out problem-solving processes and giving guidance on web designing with Webflow. This meeting provides a useful resource for web developers facing similar issues or those seeking a walkthrough guide for CSS adjustments in Webflow, HTML restructure and using external sources for JavaScript files.

(Source: Office Hours 11/4 )

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