Improving Data Management for Property Recommendations

The State Changers were troubleshooting a problem with a dashboard recommendation tool. The tool pulled data from an Airtable, specifically from the properties and recommendations tables. The issue was that upon choosing certain properties as recommendations and then exiting and re-entering the tool, the selected recommendations were not persisting.

The State Changers discussed that the data grid pulled from the properties table in the Airtable, but they noted they were updating the recommendations table with the contents of the checkboxes. They also considered updating the properties table instead, but clarified the screen involved was about recommendations rather than properties. Further into the meeting, they switched the formula to JavaScript to iterate over the collections and create mapping based on the current recommendation, thus helping to set the selection based on the presence in the current recommendations variable. They managed to get the data in the right place and add a conditional display to show boxes where a selection wasn't made, emphasizing that while they had the data correctly set, using it to work properly with the UI was another issue. Despite the formatting issues, they found the selected data persisted as intended, but the original data would disappear. The State Changers concluded there was likely a logic issue with the handler on the selection click, and the one highlighting the problem said they had an idea why it was happening but weren't sure how to solve it yet. They decided to create a loom for the forum to better understand the logic behind the checkbox selections to find a possible solution.

(Source: Office Hours 5/22 )

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