Improving Database Management for Social Plan Posting Platform

The State Changers meeting was primarily a technical discussion around optimizing the functionality in a mobile app designed for social interactions around planning a golf game. The platform they're using is Xano. The main contributor, Daniel, was working on a feature to validate and manage the formation of a foursome from interested players. The discussion was focused on managing and displaying player count, with best practices in data structure and query mechanisms for efficient functionality.

Instead of managing each player in the group separately, it has been advised to use arrays, a more straightforward data structure that allows easy counting and management of group members. By creating an endpoint in Xano which focuses on a specific functionality (adding players to a group), the complexity of data handling on the front end (Bravo Studio) can be reduced. Later, they implemented a function to limit the group size to a maximum of four players. They also added functionality to update the player count while returning data to Bravo Studio, allowing for a clear and accurate display of total players in a group. The key takeaways from this meeting are the power and application of arrays for managing lists of data, the utilization of Xano features like CRUD interface for creating sophisticated logic, and the importance of creating endpoints specific to individual business logics for simpler and more efficient data handling.

(Source: Office Hours 10/25 )

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