Improving Database Management with Xano: Addressing Duplicates and Enhancing Efficiency

This meeting involved the State Changer participants discussing potential solutions for a data duplication issue within what seems to be a database operation. The main problem focused on duplicates being created in the database every time the function using Xano to populate it was run, indicating a lack of a filter to prevent re-entry of duplicates. This problem is said to be due to using the 'bulk add' tool which is fast but doesn't allow checking for duplicates.

Towards solving this, the participants discussed the idea of using the 'add or edit' tool rather than bulk adding records. This tool inserts or updates records based on specific conditions which helps in maintaining a 'clean' database. A key detail discussed was matching the CFID fields (from Go High Level to Xano) to avoid collision. To further improve the function, it was suggested the database requests should add individually instead of in bulk, solved by looping over the function and asking intelligent questions for each loop. The team concluded that the participant would work on the discussed solution till the next meeting. In this transcript, the tool 'Xano' is heavily discussed, also mentioned are 'database', 'Javascript' and 'webhook'.

(Source: Office Hours 7/11 )

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