Improving Local Web Hosting Performance and Collaborative Troubleshooting

In this State Changers meeting, the main focus was a detailed discussion and troubleshooting of performance issues concerning an application. Participants discussed how the user's geographical location, in this case Sydney, Australia, might contribute to the lack of speed in data retrieval due to the latency from the hosting server.

They also discussed the role of "WeWeb" in hosting the application and considered the possibility of changing the hosting location to improve application performance. They attempted to understand the data transfer and load times using the browser's network tab to compare fetch timings between different geographical locations. The meeting participants suggested reaching out to WeWeb to inquire about server locations and any possible solution for reducing the latency. In addition, they proposed exploring the idea of exporting the application's static objects and possibly hosting them elsewhere, although this option seemed to require some more research. Another possible concern they identified was caching, as some files that were loaded from cache showed much faster round trip times. Overall, the meeting depicted a complex debugging and problem-solving session, with the primary focus lying on software performance optimization, location-centric challenges, and application-hosting services, specifically involving "WeWeb".

(Source: State Change Office Hours 9/21/2023 )

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