Improving Performance and Caching for Xano Database Queries

In this meeting, the team discusses a performance issue with a mobile app that is experiencing slow queries on the Google Play Store. They suspect that the issue may be related to the app's location-based features. They also discuss the impact of rapid successive requests on server capacity and memory allocation.

They analyze the function stack and identify the queries that are taking the longest time to run. They suggest optimizing these queries by adding indices and caching the results on the server side. They also consider filtering the queries based on specific user posts and comments to improve performance. The team recommends using server-side caching instead of client-side caching for better control over performance. They also discuss the importance of considering the frequency and size of notifications when setting cache expiration times. Overall, the team suggests optimizing queries, implementing caching strategies, and using proper indexing to improve the app's performance. They plan to test these solutions and assess their effectiveness.

(Source: Office Hours 5/3 )

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