Improving Performance and Date Manipulation in Xano Function

In this meeting, the State Changers (meeting participants) discuss a coding issue related to date transformation. Juan shares his progress and updates on generating a list of periods based on a shared Loom video. However, he is facing issues with updating the list to include modifications for specific dates like February 27th. The team decides to debug the code together using the debugger feature. They identify that the slow performance is mainly due to a while loop and the use of create variables and transform timestamps. To improve the code's performance, they suggest trying to move the logic into a Lambda function. They plan to create a video explaining the logic of the function and then work on replacing it with a Lambda function during the next meeting. Juan also mentions the need to include transactions in the Lambda function, but they decide to focus on solving one problem at a time. The meeting ends with Michael expressing his conceptual question about data storage, but it is not discussed in detail.

(Source: Office Hours 6/12 PM )

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