Improving Performance and Handling Requests: Discussing Xano and WeWeb Issues

The meeting entailed a comprehensive discussion on resolving performance-related issues in a Xano application and certain user interface problems on the WeWeb platform. A specific problem about slow page load times was closely examined. The initial belief was that the issue lied in the Xano application's complex looping logic. It seemed to be executing more than a thousand steps, resulting in a two and a half second response time. The State Changers suggested that refactoring the logic into a more efficient code, possibly JavaScript, and executing it as a Lambda function could significantly reduce the execution time. This process's marginal cost was deemed to be worth the potential speed improvement.

However, on further investigation using browser dev tools, the State Changers realized the performance issue wasn't related to Xano but to how the WeWeb side handled the post data load. In an attempt to identify the root issue in WeWeb, the State Changers suggested iteratively eliminating filter constraints to pinpoint the part of the UI causing the delay. In summary, this meeting displayed a thorough debugging session to tackle slow response times, first attributing the issue to Xano and later diagnosing it as a potential WeWeb problem. The State Changers offered practical solutions in each case; refactoring poorly performing loops in Xano and iteratively isolating problem areas in WeWeb. This would be particularly useful for those experiencing similar performance issues or working with these platforms.

(Source: Office Hours 8/7/2023 )

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