Improving the Efficiency of Data Collections in Zano WeWeb: Identifying Solutions for Faster Load Times and Enhanced Error Handling

This meeting, involving various State Changers, focused on a number of technical details regarding web development and optimization. They particularly discussed the integration and uses of the following tools: Zano, WeWeb, local storage, and cookies.

One participant, Scott, raised concerns about the volume of collections he had amassed on his front-end Zano section of WeWeb. He questioned whether this could be reduced without compromising functionality, suggesting to rely on a variable for the Epic ID as opposed to using multiple collections. The participant was exploring possible ways to increase efficiency and work out error handling mechanisms. Scott also mentioned a problem that occurs when external testers get stuck and refresh the page it leads to loss of data. As a tentative solution, they suggested maintaining a state using local storage or cookies and persisting state information within the URL. This would serve as recovery data when the tester refreshes and loses the context. The participants toyed with the idea of integrating the application state with the URL, allowing for the system to initialize based on the input URL. They also discussed ways WeWeb might be used to redirect to a specific section upon page load. Local storage, cookies, and the URL were mentioned as potential strategies for handling these issues. While no immediate solutions were implemented during the meeting, it ended with a commitment to further investigate the raised issues and potentials solutions by another participant. They agreed on taking Scott's problem as a well-stated challenge to be properly addressed in the weeks to come.

(Source: Office Hours 12/23 )

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