Improving User Interface Interactivity: Ensuring Completion of Required Questions and Step Progression

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed form handling, specifically around user experience and the required conditions for proceeding to the next steps in a sequence. The conversation was centered around the use of WeWeb for managing the state change.

The necessary conditions for moving to the next step include user completion of all required questions and the step indicator remaining unchanged if the 'next' button is clicked prior to all conditions being met. When conditions are met, the step indicator has to change and the object should be updated. Resolution was found through introducing a logic that evaluates whether the conditions have been met or not, instead of just a filter. It was recommended to handle the state change at the front end for a faster user experience. This would also potentially allow the enabling or disabling of the 'next' button, based on the evaluation. Though it was emphasized that back-end validation is still necessary to ensure all information has been provided by the user. Overall, the meeting was a technical discussion on how to improve form handling using WeWeb while maintaining a balance between front-end and back-end processing for an enhanced user experience.

(Source: Office Hours 2/24 )

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