In-depth Discussion and Problem-Solving for Performance Issues RELATED to Xano Logic

This meeting of the State Changers was focused on discussing ways to optimize performance for a specific issue regarding the handling of data sequences. Participants were involved in a detailed discussion about various programming methods and strategies, with the aim of reducing the number of function passes and database requests, which can slow down the system.

Discussed methods included introducing more complex logical structures, reducing the number of function steps, and considering the use of Lambda—a compute service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)—for more intensive workloads. They also touched on specific coding strategies, including single-pass approaches versus multi-pass approaches, and how data structure and loop utilization can impact efficiency. While Lambda was recognized to be faster, the participants cautioned against universal adoption due to factors like spin-up costs and potential challenges with integrating it into existing no-code work in platforms such as "Xano". Instead, they agreed on using Lambda for processes that require improved performance while maintaining the readability of no-code for most use-cases. The participants also explored an approach that leverages filters and pointers for tracking and evaluating data sequences. This strategy would involve for looping through free slots with ID tracking pointers and analyzing specific segments to optimize the performance of the system. They agreed to further discuss these strategies, continue to look for ways to improve efficiency and work on prototyping some of these solutions for future review. Keywords mentioned in the meeting include: Xano, Lambda and JavaScript.

(Source: Office Hours 7/27/23 )

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