Initiating Custom IO and Flutter Integration for App Development and User Telephony System

In this meeting, the State Changers team discusses implementing Customer IO and Flutter in an app. The goal is to identify when people are using the app. The discussion focuses initially on where to insert code within a Dart application, considering whether it should be a widget for the front-end or an action for the backend.

The team agrees that custom actions would be more suitable as they can be used to send transactions whenever the app is launched. However, they caution that these actions shouldn't override the app's functionality entirely. Reference is made to several key Flutter resources, such as the SDK and the pub dev, but it is agreed that these areas do not need immediate attention as the team can reference the Flutter IO directly from their custom action or widget. The team also discusses attaching code to custom actions in three ways: custom functions for generating output from input, custom actions to be slotted into workflows at certain points, and custom widgets for user experience elements on the page. The discussion then turns towards the Customer IO telemetry system, which they intend to use for event tracking without influencing the UI heavily. The idea is mooted to utilize the main.dart file to create custom actions as initial or final actions in the framework. However, there is some hesitation regarding whether the platform will be running at all times to track specific actions. Finally, the conversation shifts to the implementation of campaigns based on user segmentation and tags. An idea is proposed to create a custom action for configuring the SDK, followed by adding it as an initial action to the main.dart file. These campaigns can leverage push notifications or in-app messages driven by user activities or lack thereof. The document discussed is the getting started page for Customer IO on Flutter.

(Source: Dart Deep Dive OH Extra 6/21 )

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