Integrating and Debugging Payment Transfer Process Using WeWeb, Plaid and Twala: Challenges and Solutions

In this meeting, the State Changers worked on multiple technical issues related to their respective projects. The meeting revolved around platforms such as WeWeb, Xano, Plaid, and Twala.

1. The first participant was struggling to integrate Plaid (bank account authentication) and Twala (payment transfer processor) within WeWeb. They had the two working independently but faced difficulties in making them function together. Various solutions were suggested, such as modifying the JavaScript code, updating their public token link, and publishing the changes. 2. The second participant had layout issues with their project. Their buttons were not aligning properly and the text in some apps was longer than others. To fix this, they made use of Flex layout in their design and clustered the image and text into a row to maintain consistency. 3. The third participant discussed their experience with importing a CSV file into their project. They reported success after upgrading their plan and skipping a step, but they also had questions related to the next phase of their project. Throughout the meeting, the group shared screens for better visual understanding and troubleshooting. Members helped each other through their issues, suggesting potential solutions and technical modifications to help overcome the hurdles they were facing.

(Source: Office Hours 4/3 )

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